EMERGENCY: 9-1-1 || Police: 201.652.3800 || Records Bureau: 201.670.3941 1 Harding Plaza, Glen Rock, NJ 07452

Records Bureau

The Records Bureau is overseen by Sgt. Dean Ackermann and staffed by two part-time, civilian administrative aides. Under police supervision, the aides are charged with maintaining all police and criminal records.

They generate monthly and yearly reports that account for major police activity. In addition they process discovery and expungement requests, issues various parking permits, process all firearms applications, as well as a host of other responsibilities.

The Records Bureau is located in the lobby of police headquarters.

8:30AM to 4:30PM Monday through Friday and late hours on Tuesday from 4:30PM to 7:30PM. The Records Bureau is closed on Sundays and holidays. No administrative services are available outside of these hours.

Address: Glen Rock Police Records Bureau, 1 Harding Plaza, Glen Rock, NJ 07452

Phone: (201) 670-3942  Fax: (201) 251-3887  E-mail: records@glenrockpolice.com

For more information about the services available from the Records Bureau please click on

LETTER OF GOOD CONDUCT (Individual Criminal Background Check)



Police reports are generally available SEVEN (7) TO TEN (10) business days after the report is taken. Requests to receive police reports must be made in writing to the Glen Rock Police Records Bureau at police headquarters. The Records Bureau is open Monday through Friday from 8:30AM until 4:30PM and on Saturday from 10:00AM until 2:00PM. The Records Bureau is closed on holidays.

Reports must be picked-up in person or obtained via U.S. Mail. Not all police reports are public record and we reserve the right to withhold those reports which are not.

MV Accident Reports (except for fatal or serious accidents) will ordinarily be provided at the time of your request. Other reports, which involve sensitive or restricted information, may not be available for up to seven (7) days following your request. If your request is denied, you will be notified in writing.

The fee for in-person requests is $.05 per page, however all fees under $1.00 (19 pages or less) will be waived. To receive a report by mail, send a self addressed, stamped envelope and written request [see link below] with a copy of your drivers license or other photo ID to: Glen Rock Police Records Bureau, 1 Harding Plaza, Glen Rock, NJ. 07452. For further information call 201-670-3942.


Glen Rock Police now allows online access to motor vehicle accident reports 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.






  • All requests for discovery in traffic and non-indictable matters pending in the Glen Rock Municipal Court shall be submitted through the Municipal Prosecutor.
  • All requests for discovery in both adult criminal matters and juvenile delinquency matters pending in Superior Court shall be submitted to the Bergen County Prosecutor’s Office. All reports will be compiled and you will be contacted for the cost associated with such a request.
  • All requests for discovery in civil matters will be accepted by the police Records Bureau when submitted on attorney letterhead providing notice of representation of an involved party along with a detailed description of the documents sought. All reports will be compiled and you will be contacted for the cost associated with such a request.

If the matter in question involves an ongoing criminal or juvenile delinquency matter, which has not be adjudicated in a court of law, all requests for police reports must be submitted to the Bergen County Prosecutor’s Office.




Anyone operating an alarm system that is monitored by a Central Station is required to obtain an alarm registration. A separate alarm registration is required for each alarm site having a distinct address, business or suite number. For an office complex, that means that the building owner must register his or her fire alarm system, and if a tenant has their own burglar alarm, they must register that separately. Alarms not required to be registered are those not connected to a Central Station Monitoring Company, those installed on an auto, on one’s person or an alarm system which will not emit a signal either audible or visible from the outside of the building or residence but is designed solely to alert the occupants of a building or residence.

– How do I register my alarm?

All residents, as well as commercial businesses who have an alarm system that meet the above conditions are required to register their system every year by January 30th. After the first year of registration, renewal notices will go out every year to remind residents and businesses to re-register their systems. New alarm systems are required to have a valid alarm registration within 10 days of the installation or activation. You can also access an online site to download alarm registration forms by clicking on link:  ALARM REGISTRATION FORM

– What is the cost of an annual alarm permit?

The cost of an alarm registration or its renewal is $25.00 for each calendar year. Should your information change during the course of the year, just fill out a new form. There is no fee to update information.

No refund of a registration fee will be made.

For more information about alarm registrations as well as false alarm fees and fines please visit our  Alarm Registration page.



Resident Commuter Parking Permits

Resident Commuter Parking are now available by US mail. Applicants may still obtain a permit at Police HQ, but only during limited hours. Please follow all instruction printed on the form.


For more information about Resident Commuter Parking and non-resident commuter please visit our Licenses and Permits page.

Handicapped Parking Permits

Temporary handicapped parking permits are available through the Police Records Bureau 8:30AM to 4:30PM Monday through Friday 10:00AM to 2:00PM; Extended hours are on Tuesday from 4:30PM – 7:30PM. The permits are valid for six months and may be renewed for an additional six months. All applications must be accompanied by the appropriate documentation (e.g. letter from your doctor). Temporary handicapped permits are intended for non-permanent, temporary injuries and disabilities.

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In order to process the request you must present the completed application (along with a check for $4.00 made out to the New Jersey Division of Motor Vehicles) to the Records Bureau personnel. The permit will be issued within a few days. There is no cost to renew the permit for an additional six months.

Unfortunately the application is a multipart form provided by the State of New Jersey which cannot be included on our website.

Permanent handicapped parking permits and plates are issued by the New Jersey Division of Motor Vehicles. While the Records Bureau may have a few of these applications in stock, it is best to obtain them directly from a Division of Motor Vehicles office. These placards or plates do not expire.

EMPLOYEE PARKING – Central Business District (CBD)

Designated parking spaces are provided to employees of businesses in the CBD whose employers do not have onsite parking. Rock Road employees should consult their employer for further information. The application form provided below must be submitted with the required fee by Rock Road employers.




State of New Jersey – Firearms Requirements

To obtain a Firearms Identification Card:

$5.00 application fee (must be at least 18 years of age)

  1. Application Form must be completed in full, listing two references, not relatives. Include name, address (including zip code), and telephone number.
  2. The Mental Health Form must be completed (upper portion only). This form will be witnessed at Glen Rock Police headquarters upon its return. Do not have another person sign as a witness before you return the form to police headquarters.
  3. In addition to submitting these forms you must be fingerprinted by MorphoTrust, the authorized fingerprint vendor for the State of New Jersey . Their nearest office is located at: 299 Forest Avenue, 1st Floor – Suite B in Paramus , NJ. You will be required to obtain a Glen Rock Police case number and a fingerprint application form at Glen Rock Police Records Desk. Fee and payment information will also be provided at that time.
  4. Please bear in mind that the processing of all necessary paperwork can take up to three months. The New Jersey Firearms Identification Card will not be issued until all forms have been returned and processed.

To Obtain a Permit to Purchase a Handgun:

$2.00 application fee (must be at least 21 years of age to purchase a handgun)

  1. Same as above.
  2. Same as above.
  3. If you already have a New Jersey Firearms Identification Card, complete form SBI-212A “Request for Criminal History Record Information for a Non-Criminal Justice Purpose” on line by clicking here.  The fee is $20.00 payable by Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express.

To Obtain a Duplicate Firearms Identification Card:

(for lost or stolen cards, or changes of address) Free of charge

Fingerprinting will not be necessary if you have applied in the past through our agency (i.e. previous Glen Rock address or if your file has been forwarded to us from the police department where you formerly lived). However, if we do not have any file, fingerprinting again will be necessary, and #3 and #4 above will apply.

If you have any questions regarding firearm regulations, please click here.

Links to the following forms have been provided for your convenience; however, all applications must be submitted to the Records Bureau in person. All applicants must provide a New Jersey Drivers License or other photo identification when filing applications.

Miscellaneous Downloads: Applicant Instructions: NJ State Firearms Requirements Application for Firearms ID Card/Handgun Purchase Permit Consent for Mental Health Records Search Voluntary Form of Firearms Registration Transfer of Shotgun or Rifle (including black power or BB Rifle) Criminal History Request for Applicants who already possess a Firearms Identification Card