EMERGENCY: 9-1-1 || Police: 201.652.3800 || Records Bureau: 201.670.3941 1 Harding Plaza, Glen Rock, NJ 07452

Permits and Licenses

Resident Commuter Parking Permit


Resident Commuter Parking  by US mail. Applicants may still obtain a permit at Police HQ, but only during limited hours.

  1. Resident Commuter Parking Stickers are available for an annual fee of $150.00 per year, January to December. Households may purchase multiple stickers, with the second and subsequent stickers available at the cost of $80 for the same household. Permits will be valid from time of purchase through December 31, 2019. Applicants are required to provide a valid NJ vehicle registration (showing your Glen Rock address). If your vehicle is leased, you will need to provide proof of residency in the form of a valid NJ Driver’s license.
  2. To obtain Resident Commuter Parking Permits by mail, please download 2019 Resident Computer Parking Form. Mail the completed application and payment along with a copy of your NJ Driver’s license, registration and insurance card to: Glen Rock Police Records Bureau, 1 Harding Plaza, Glen Rock, and NJ 07452. YOU MUST ALSO INCLUDE A STAMPED, SELF ADDRESSED ENVELOPE.
  3. Payment must be made by check or money order only.  All checks should be made out to the BOROUGH OF GLEN ROCK.  The Police Department CANNOT accept credit cards or cash for parking permits.
  4. All commuter parking, such as Harding Plaza, West Plaza, Main Line lot and Main Street meters, is on a first-come-first-serve non-guaranteed basis.
  5. For unplanned emergencies, such as a vehicle having a sticker becoming disabled, another vehicle can be parked as long as the resident calls the Glen Rock Police Central Dispatch (201-652-3800) before 8:00 am with the correct information. Correct information will include name, address, telephone number and LICENSE PLATE NUMBER of the vehicle being used. A vehicle description alone will not be sufficient. DO NOT CALL THE RECORDS BUREAU.
  6. For residents with a longer vehicle repair, such as a vehicle in a body shop for a few days, the resident must obtain a temporary sticker at the GRPD to be displayed in the other vehicle. There is no charge for this service, which has been working successfully for years. However, these permits are only available when the Police Department Records Bureau is open, see below for hours of operation.
  7. Borough policy allows parking privileges for residential properties split by a town border. In order to purchase a sticker, a resident with a split lot and an out of town license must get a tax map copy from either the Tax Assessor or Tax Collector. This map must be presented to the Administrative Aide at the Police Records and Reception Desk along with the proper fee, valid vehicle registration and insurance card.
  8. New Residents may obtain a temporary parking permit free of charge for a period not to exceed 60 days. New residents must show proof of residency in Glen Rock in the form of a deed, lease or public utility bill.

Note: New Residents of New Jersey are required by State Law to obtain a NJ Driver’s License and register their vehicles in NJ within 60 day after becoming a resident. Residents moving within the State must file a change of address with the NJ Division of Motor Vehicle within one week after moving. The Glen Rock Police Department WILL NOT issue permits to new residents who fail to comply with State Law.

Glen Rock Commuter Parking must be ADHERED to NON-TINTED driver’s side window of your vehicle.

Permits, which are left on top of dashboards or otherwise improperly placed, will NOT BE HONORED.

Commuter parking is available at any one of the five designated commuter parking areas, however a permit is required and must be properly affixed and displayed on your vehicle.

Resident commuter parking areas are located at the N.J. Transit Borough Hall Railroad/Bus Station with lots at the rear of the Ambulance Headquarters, Harding Plaza , West Plaza and the West Plaza Extension. An additional residential parking area for commuters is located at the N.J. Transit Main Line Railroad Station.

Parking is limited and on a first-come-first-serve basis. All vehicles must be removed from commuter parking lots by 2 AM. Vehicles without a valid permit or those left in the lot overnight will be issued summonses.

Non-resident Commuter Parking

Metered parking is available to non-resident commuters at a cost of $8.00 per day (regardless of the length of stay) beginning January 1, 2018.  These lots also tend to fill up quickly and the parking is limited. Vehicles left at a meter overnight will be issued a summons.


Main Line Lot – South Side

Attention Non-Resident Commuter Parkers:

The Borough of Glen Rock appreciates your patronage and patience in parking in our commuter lots. The current parking payment system has presented many challenges and frustration to both of us. That is why I am pleased to announce a new system of pay for daily parking in both the Borough Hall Bergen Line lot and the Main Line lot:

Pay by Phone Parking Through Parkmobile


 This system will allow you to purchase daily parking at $8, with a small convenience fee of 35cents, by just a phone call or mobile app payment. No more credit cards, cash, coin or smart cards necessary, just register at www.parkmobile.com to get started. There will be signs posted in the lots with further direction. After you have registered with your payment preference at Parkmobile, daily users have to remember their spot number and zone. Once you are comfortably on the bus or train, use the mobile app or call the 800 number and register your spot.

For our monthly commuter pass purchasers, we will continue to sell the rear-view placards at Borough Hall, or you can just mail us a check and we would be happy to mail back your pass. The placard is attached to the rear-view mirror and you are done for the month. The placards should be removed from the rear-view mirror when the vehicle is in operation. If there is any interest, the Borough will offer a year parking fee for $1,000, which would only require one payment for the year.

Please take a few moments and visit www.parkmobile.com to become familiar with the system. Should you have any questions, please call Lenora Benjamin at 201-670-3954, or email them to lbenjamin@glenrocknj.net.

Thank you for parking with us.

  2. PROCEED TO www.parkmobile.com
  3. LOG ON TO YOUR ACCOUNT AND PAY $8.00 per day, for any portion of the day.

As of Friday, March 29, 2013, the Borough of Glen Rock will be discontinuing the use of the Metric Parking Meters, located at Borough Hall and Main Line Stations, for any parking transactions. Please log on to www.parkmobile.com to register for pay by phone parking. Please contact Lenora Benjamin at 201-670-3954 for any questions in this regard.


Harding Plaza South Lot

West Plaza & West Plaza Ext. Lots

Main Line Lot – North Side

Main Street Angle Spots



Main Line Lot – North Side

Main Street Angle Spots

Glen Avenue North Lot – (Rear of the Mall)

Rodney St. by Main St.


Parking is not permitted in any of the Borough parking lots or on any street between the hours of 2 AM and 5 AM.  In any emergency you may contact the Police Department’s Central Dispatch (201) 652-3800 prior to 2 AM if you are unable to move your car, from a lot or the street, to avoid receiving a summons.



Door-to-door soliciting is not permitted without first obtaining a permit through the Police Department’s Detective Bureau. Solicitors must clearly display the permit while working in town.

If a person comes to your door and does not have their permit displayed or if you feel that the person is not legitimate, please call the Police Department.

To obtain a solicitor’s permit, all applicants must complete the proper documents that are only obtainable through the Police Department’s Detective Bureau and then meet and maintain the criteria as set forth by Borough Ordinance.



State of New Jersey – Firearms Requirements


Effective 2/18/2019




With exceptions of Permits to Carry, ALL applicants must apply for Firearms ID Cards and Permits to Purchase a Handgun online at https://njportal.com/NJSP/FARS  There are no exceptions. 


Once logged into this website it will ask you for Glen Rock’s ORI Number.  This number is NJ0022200.  It must be entered exactly or your application will not be able to be processed correctly.




  1. Complete each tab on the website with accurate and complete information. For example, applicants must enter their legal name (i.e. Michael vs. Mike).


  1. Applicants must enter accurate phone numbers and emails for themselves and their references. Family members can be used as references.


  1. After all tabs have been completed a review page will appear where the applicant can change or edit the application before final submission. Once submitted the application is unable to be altered.  When completed the applicant must print out the application, fingerprint form, and confirmation page.  The Glen Rock Police Department will not provide you with these forms.


  1. Once you have finished the online application, payment must be hand delivered by the applicant with photo identification, to the Glen Rock Police Department via the Records Bureau. Payment shall be in the form of check made issued to “Borough of Glen Rock”.  Please, no cash.  The Records Bureau is open Mon,Wed,Thu, and Fri from 8:30am-4:30pm and Tues from 8:30-6:30pm.  We will not issue permits prior to payment.


  1. Please contact Detective Lucas Doney at 201-670-3947 with any questions.

To Obtain a Duplicate Firearms Identification Card:

(for lost or stolen cards, or changes of address) Free of charge

Fingerprinting will not be necessary if you have applied in the past through our agency (i.e. previous Glen Rock address or if your file has been forwarded to us from the police department where you formerly lived). However, if we do not have any file, fingerprinting again will be necessary, and #3 and #4 above will apply.

If you have any questions regarding firearm regulations, please click here.

Links to the following forms have been provided for your convenience; however, all applications must be submitted to the Records Bureau in person. All applicants must provide a New Jersey Drivers License or other photo identification when filing applications.