The Borough of Glen Rock contracts with TYCO Animal Control Services for various animal issues. Their direct number is (201)-652-4554. Leave a message on the voicemail, and someone will return your call within the hour.

They handle such issues as sick, injured, or dangerous animals, stray domestic animals, dead animals on public and private*** property, nuisance wildlife, complaints about owned animals, and reporting a lost pet.

(*** – A $60.00 charge will be assessed to pick up dead animals on private property***).

Complaints involving abuse or cruelty to animals are investigated by TYCO employees, who work in conjunction with the Bergen County Prosecutor’s Office. For further information regarding TYCO Animal Control Services, please visit their website by clicking on the link provided

Complaints involving abuse or cruelty to animals are also investigated by the S.P.C.A. Law Enforcement Division {Society For The Prevention of Cruelty to Animals}. Bergen County S.P.C.A. Law Enforcement Division P.O. Box 4111, South Hackensack, NJ 07606.

To report animal cruelty, Call 24 hours a day: (201) 573-8900 Email: [email protected]

Dog and other animal bites are are a public health issue investigated by the Health Department. Initial reports are filed through the Police Department, in person, 24-hours a day. These reports are then referred to the health officer for investigation. This is essential for several reasons, including the prevention of rabies. The health officer will confirm whether or not the dog has been properly immunized. The dog must be quarantined and if proven rabid, the bite victim will need to undergo treatment to prevent the spread of the disease.

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The Glen Rock Department of Public Works removes dead animals on public street and public property during normal working hours. Their phone number is (201) 670-3980. Removal of dead animals {wild or domestic} from private property is responsibility of the property and or animal owner.

Members of the Glen Rock Police Department are not trained as animal control officers and do not have any special equipment for the handling of domestic or wild animals. Officers will respond to investigate reports of sick, injured or stray animals, however, their responsibility is limited to confirming the reported condition and referring it to the appropriate service. If the owner of a stray animal can be identified, the owner is responsible for containing and removal of their animal.

NOTE: Wild animals (such as: raccoons, skunks, & squirrels) who are found nesting on private property or in homes are the responsibility of the homeowner. The borough is not responsible for the removal of wild animals from private property.

Homeowners must contract with a private pest control service or the animal shelter directly. The police dispatch center can assist with providing phone numbers.