8115 Chief Ackermann-min

Chief Dean Ackermann #8115

Chief of Police
Serving Since 1986
8121 Lt. Mc Inerney-min

Lt. Christopher McInerney #8121

Platoon Commander
Professional Standards - School Liaison
Serving Since 1998
8127 Lt. Riggio-min

Lt. Frank Riggio #8127

Platoon Commander
Deputy Accreditation Manager - Training Coordinator
Serving Since 2003

Detective Bureau

8123 D Sgt Calaski-min

Det. Sgt. James Calaski #8123

Detective Bureau Supervisor
Computer Crimes Task Force
Serving Since 2000
8138 Det. Doney-min

Det. Lucas Doney #8138

Criminal Investigations
Domestic Violence Liaison
Crisis Intervention Team
Serving Since 2009


Det. Murray Yang #8133

Special Assignment
Firearms Instructor
Serving Since 2006
8128 P.O. Stanislao-min

P.O. Matthew Stanislao #8128

Community Outreach & Juvenile
Crisis Intervention Team
Master Resiliency Officer
Serving Since 2004

Patrol Supervisors

8124 Sgt. Wojtecki-min

Sgt. Robert Wojtecki #8124

Tour Commander
Special Events Coordinator
Traffic Safety - Crisis Intervention Team
Serving Since 2002
8130 Sgt. Mc Govern-min

Sgt. J. Scott Mc Govern # 8130

Traffic Bureau Supervisor
Firearms Instructor - Motor Officer
Field Training Officer
Serving Since 2005
8134 Sgt. Trover-min

Sgt. Michael Trover # 8134

Tour Commander
Records Bureau Supervisor
Terminal Agency Coordinator
Serving Since 2006
8132 Sgt. Scott-min

Sgt. Bryan Scott # 8132

Tour Commander
Field Training Coordinator
Serving Since 2005
8139 Sgt. Carter-min

Sgt. Gregory Carter # 8139

Tour Commander
Deputy Emergency Management Coordinator
Crisis Intervention Team
Serving Since 2009

Patrol Officers

8122 P.O. Pyatak-min

P.O. Adam Pyatak # 8122

Motor Unit Coordinator
Serving Since 1999
8129 P.O. Mattina-min

P.O. Annamarie Mattina # 8129

Crisis Intervention Team
Serving Since 2005
8135 P.O. Mc Gill-min

P.O. James Mc Gill # 8135

Juvenile Officer
Serving Since 2007
8137 P.O. Surdyka-min

P.O. Robert Surdyka # 8137

Regional SWAT Team Member
Firearms Instructor - Field Training Officer
Serving Since 2008
8140 P.O. Tarantino-min

P.O. John Tarantino #8140

Serving Since 2015
8142 P.O. Donnelly-min

P.O. James Donnelly # 8142

Crisis Intervention Team
Serving Since 2015
8143 P.O. Evans-min

P.O. Samuel Evans # 8143

Crisis Intervention Team
Serving Since 2016

8144 P.O. Orsita-min

P.O. Sarah Orsita # 8144

Accreditation Manager
Crisis Intervention Team
Field Training Officer
Serving Since 2016
8145 P.O. Onove-min

P.O. Nicholas Onove # 8145

Regional SWAT Team Member
Firearms Instructor
Serving Since 2016
8146 P.O. Graziani-min

P.O. Theodore "TJ" Graziani # 8146

Field Training Officer
Crisis Intervention Team
Serving Since 2016
8147 P.O. Magro-min

P.O. Andrew Magro # 8147

Social Media Coordinator
Serving Since 2022

Special Police Officers (SLEO 1)

8501 S.P.O. Friedman-min

S.P.O. Michael Friedman # 8501

Serving Since 2017
8502 S.P.O. Aliano-min

S.P.O. Angelica Aliano # 8502

Administrative Assistant
Serving since 2012
8506 S.P.O. Scialabba-min

S.P.O. Nicholas Scialabba # 8506

Serving Since 2023
8507 S.P.O. Abdelaziz-min

S.P.O. Yousuf Abdelaziz # 8507

Serving since 2023

School Crossing Guard Manager

8701 C.G.M. Montgomery-min

C.G.M. Jennette Montgomery # 8701

Serving since 2019

Historical Roster

James R. HoulihanAppointed 9-1-18 as Chief of PoliceRetired 5-16-44
Patrolman Edo DeYoungAppointed 1-1-21Resigned 12-29-21
Patrolman Samuel J. RitchieAppointed 1-1-21Resigned 8-11-21
Chief Samuel J. ParkAppointed 1-2-22Died 9-23-52 (active)
Patrolman John R. MargroffAppointed 2-4-22Resigned 5-16-23
Sergeant Samuel J. JensenAppointed 5-18-23Retired 3-26-46
Patrolman Harry HartleyAppointed 5-28-23Resigned 3-15-24
Patrolman William GeryAppointed 3-20-24Resigned 10-28-27
Patrolman Raymond FisherAppointed 10-29-27Resigned 10-29-27
Captain John J. Faber, Sr.Appointed 1-2-28Died 9-?-54 (active)
Patrolman Roy G. FinnAppointed 1-2-28Died 12-1-46 (active)
Captain Cornelius MeyerAppointed 2-1-29Retired 10-1-55
Chief John H. MulqueenAppointed 2-1-29Died 4-8-58 (active)
There were no appointments in the decade of the Thirties.
Patrolman Daniel T RyanAppointed 3-10-46Resigned 8-1-52
Lieutenant John J. Faber, Jr.Appointed 12-24-46Retired 11-1-77
Deputy Chief William L. HardenbergAppointed 3-10-47Resigned 11-1-78
Chief Neil FinnAppointed 7-27-48Retired 11-30-91
Lieutenant Harold C. RewAppointed 7-27-48Retired 4-15-79
Sergeant William DootAppointed 5-1-50Resigned 6-16-62
Sergeant Harold T. BogertAppointed 4-1-51Retired 3-31-80
Sergeant Harry S. KingAppointed 5-1-51Resigned 12-8-61
Patrolman Albert W. NisskiAppointed 5-22-51Resigned 11-4-56
Patrolman Jay S. McCormackAppointed 9-1-51Resigned 3-15-53
Patrolman Edward A. DykerAppointed 4-16-52Resigned 7-26-67
Patrolman Herbert C. CassavaughAppointed 8-16-52Resigned 1-24-64
Captain Anthony C. CiaramellaAppointed 2-1-53Retired 1-1-86
Patrolman Howard MaitlandAppointed 3-16-53Resigned 2-15-54
Sergeant John G. ColliganAppointed 9-1-53Retired 11-1-78
Patrolman Armand J. PaceAppointed 2-15-54Retired 5-1-78
Patrolman Edward A. PappasAppointed 4-1-54Resigned 11-29-64
Patrolman Rudolph HrasdziraAppointed 4-16-54Retired 1-1-76
Patrolman Frederick MillerAppointed 12-1-54Resigned 7-15-55
Patrolman Frank BodiAppointed 1-1-55Retired 12-31-84
Patrolman Donald CooperAppointed 1-1-55Resigned 11-19-63
Patrolman Frank M. KunaAppointed 7-15-55Retired 11-30-80
Patrolman George MillerAppointed 9-1-55Retired 9-1-80
Sergeant Robert J. KerriganAppointed 1-1-56Retired 7-1-84
Patrolman Frank J. KozarAppointed 12-1-56Retired 12-31-81
Captain Bertram W. KerriganAppointed 9-1-58Retired 5-1-89
Patrolman Robert M. BrindleyAppointed 5-1-57Retired 9-1-86
Patrolman Herman DrenthAppointed 1-1-62Resigned 1974
Patrolman Philip MajorekAppointed 6-16-62Resigned 12-4-66
Patrolman Daniel PagellaAppointed 1-1-64Retired 9-30-68
Sergeant Jay F. GreenAppointed 4-20-64Retired 11-6-89
Detective Lawrence HotchkissAppointed 5-9-65Retired 6-1-87
Patrolman Peter VanDerKrakeAppointed 5-9-65Resigned 4-7-68
Chief Steven D. CherryAppointed 3-1-67Retired 5-31-09
Patrolman Thomas LittlehalesAppointed 9-11-67Resigned 12-29-71
Patrolman John D’AngeloAppointed 5-5-68Resigned 4-24-78
Patrolman Leonard MinichinoAppointed 1-17-69Resigned 10-16-77
Patrolman Gerald AponteAppointed 4-13-70Resigned 2-12-72
Patrolman Paul A. BauerAppointed 4-13-70Died 8-25-75 (active)
Patrolman Alvin StonehouseAppointed 4-13-70Retired 6-1-79
Patrolman Alvin BzikAppointed 2-14-72Resigned 10-3-73
Captain William KealyAppointed 9-5-74Retired 09-01-05
Lieutenant Ralph MolinaroAppointed 9-5-74Retired 01-01-04
Police Officer Michael TaylorAppointed 11-3-75Retired 01-01-05
Sergeant George ErlichAppointed 1-2-78Retired 12-31-08
Sergeant Paul WeberAppointed 1-2-78Retired 8-1-09
Patrolman Thomas VanderbeckAppointed 5-22-78Resigned 8-31-84
Police Officer John D. MastickAppointed 1-3-79Retired 08-01-03
Police Officer William P. VanDyk Jr.Appointed 1-3-79Retired 01-01-04
Sergeant Roy D. FinnAppointed 1-7-80Retired 1-23-98
Chief Frederick P. StahmanAppointed 5-1-1980Retired 3-1-2016
Patrolman Thomas GattoAppointed 9-7-80Resigned 12-22-82
Police Officer Arthur E. FaberAppointed 11-29-81Retired 12-01-06
Captain Garret MerselisAppointed 3-21-83Retired 1-2-2008
Sergeant Thomas McCreaAppointed 6-1-84Retired 7-1-05
Police Officer Michael CiaramellaAppointment 1-2-85Retired 11-1-2014
Captain Jonathan D. MillerAppointed 1-2-85Retired 3-1-2016
Chief Dean AckermannAppointed 5-29-86ACTIVE
Patrolman Neil I. TuckerAppointed 10-16-86Resigned 4-15-88
Patrolman Daniel D. BrindleyAppointed 8-17-87Retired 12-1-98
Lieutenant Daniel F. DourAppointed 7-9-89Retired 11-1-2016
Patrolman Paul CeceAppointed 2-13-89Laid-off 12-31-94
Lieutenant Christopher McInerneyAppointed 8-1-98ACTIVE
Police Officer Adam PyatakAppointed 1-27-99ACTIVE
Detective Sergeant James CalaskiAppointed 2-09-00ACTIVE
Sergeant Robert WojteckiAppointed 1-09-02ACTIVE
Police Officer Michael O’SheaAppointed 1-15-03Resigned 7-24-05
Lieutenant Frank RiggioAppointed 12-01-03ACTIVE
Police Officer Annamarie MattinaAppointed 02-07-05ACTIVE
Sergeant J. Scott Mc GovernAppointed 07-18-05ACTIVE
Police Officer Frederick JacksonAppointed 07-18-05Resigned 11-26-05
Sergeant Bryan ScottAppointed 08-25-05ACTIVE
Detective Murray YangAppointed 03-21-06ACTIVE
Sergeant Michael TroverAppointed 12-18-06ACTIVE
Police Officer James McGillAppointed 01-14-2008ACTIVE
Police Officer Shane BrogliaAppointed 07-07-2008Resigned 1-17-09
Police Officer Robert SurdykaAppointed 07-07-2008ACTIVE
Detective Lucas DoneyAppointed 02-23-2009ACTIVE
Sergeant Greg CarterAppointed 02-23-2009ACTIVE
Police Officer John TarantinoAppointed 02-27-2015ACTIVE
Police Officer William HolguinAppointed 05-1-2015Resigned 3-4-2021
Police Officer James DonnellyAppointed 05-1-2015ACTIVE
Police Officer Samuel EvansAppointed 09-1-2016ACTIVE
Police Officer Sarah OrsitaAppointed 09-1-2016ACTIVE
Police Officer Nicholas OnoveAppointed 09-1-2016ACTIVE
Police Officer Theodore GrazianiAppointed 09-1-2016ACTIVE
Special Officer Michael FriedmanAppointed 09-1-2017ACTIVE
Special Officer Angelica AlianoAppointed 09-1-2017ACTIVE
Special Officer  William PettitAppointed 08-22-2018Resigned 7-3-2020
Special Officer Tony YorkeAppointed 08-22-2018Resigned 07-29-2019
Special Officer James HarteAppointed 08-28-2019Resigned 12-31-2023
Police Officer Andrew MagroAppointed 01-06-2022ACTIVE
Special Police Officer Nicholas ScialabbaAppointed 08-23-2023ACTIVE
Special Police Officer Yousuf AbdelazizAppointed 08-23-2023ACTIVE

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