Chief Dean Ackermann

Chief of Police
Serving Since 1986

Lt. Christopher McInerney

Platoon Commander, School Liaison
Serving Since 1998

Lt. Frank Riggio

Platoon Commander, Accrediation Manager
Serving Since 2003

Detective Bureau / Traffic


Det. Sgt. James Calaski

Detective Bureau Supervisor, Domestic
Violence Liaison, Bicycle Unit
Serving Since 2003

Sgt. J. Scott McGovern

Traffic Bureau Supervisor, Firearms Instructor,
Motor Unit, Radar Instructor
Serving Since 2005

Det. Lucas Doney

Detective Bureau, Domestic Violence Liaison
Serving Since 2009

Patrol Supervisors


Sgt. Robert Wojtecki

Patrol Supervisor, Special Events Coordinator
Serving Since 2002

Sgt. Bryan Scott

Patrol Supervisor, Field Training Coordinator,
Drug Recognition Expert
Serving Since 2005

Sgt. Michael Trover

Patrol Supervisor, Records Bureau Supervisor, Terminal Agency Coordinator
Serving Since 2006

Sgt. Gregory Carter

Patrol Supervisor, Deputy
Emergency Management Coordinator
Serving Since 2009


P.O. Adam Pyatak

Patrol Division, Motor Unit Coordinator
Serving Since 1999

P.O. Matthew Stanislao

Juvenile Officer,
Community Outreach Officer
Serving Since 2004

P.O. Annamarie Mattina

Patrol Division,
Bicycle Unit
Serving Since 2005

P.O. Murray Yang

Patrol Division, Bicycle Unit, Firearms Insructor
Serving Since 2006

P.O. James McGill

Patrol Division, Bicycle Unit,
Juvenile Officer, Firearms Insructor
Serving Since 2007

P.O. Robert Surdyka

Patrol Division, Regional SWAT Team Member,
Firearms Insructor
Serving Since 2008


P.O. John Tarantino

Drug Recognition Expert
Serving Since 2015

P.O. William Holguin

Serving Since 2015

P.O. James Donnelly

Serving Since 2015

P.O. Samuel Evans

Serving Since 2016


P.O. Sarah Orsita

Deputy Accreditation Manager
Serving Since 2016

P.O. Nicholas Onove

Serving Since 2016

P.O. Theodore Graziani

Serving Since 2016

Class 1 Special Police


S.P.O. Michael Friedman

Serving Since 2017


S.P.O. Angelica Aliano

Serving Since 2017


S.P.O. James Harte

Serving Since 2019

Historical Roster

James R. Houlihan Retired 5-16-44
Patrolman Edo DeYoung Resigned 12-29-21
Patrolman Samuel J. Ritchie Resigned 8-11-21
Chief Samuel J. Park Died 9-23-52 (active)
Patrolman John R. Margroff Resigned 5-16-23
Sergeant Samuel J. Jensen Retired 3-26-46
Patrolman Harry Hartley Resigned 3-15-24
Patrolman William Gery Resigned 10-28-27
Patrolman Raymond Fisher Resigned 10-29-27
Captain John J. Faber, Sr. Died 9-?-54 (active)
Patrolman Roy G. Finn Died 12-1-46 (active)
Captain Cornelius Meyer Retired 10-1-55
Chief John H. Mulqueen Died 4-8-58 (active)
There were no appointments in the decade of the Thirties.
Patrolman Daniel T Ryan Resigned 8-1-52
Lieutenant John J. Faber, Jr. Retired 11-1-77
Deputy Chief William L. Hardenberg Resigned 11-1-78
Chief Neil Finn Retired 11-30-91
Lieutenant Harold C. Rew Retired 4-15-79
Sergeant William Doot Resigned 6-16-62
Sergeant Harold T. Bogert Retired 3-31-80
Sergeant Harry S. King Resigned 12-8-61
Patrolman Albert W. Nisski Resigned 11-4-56
Patrolman Jay S. McCormack Resigned 3-15-53
Patrolman Edward A. Dyker Resigned 7-26-67
Patrolman Herbert C. Cassavaugh Resigned 1-24-64
Captain Anthony C. Ciaramella Retired 1-1-86
Patrolman Howard Maitland Resigned 2-15-54
Sergeant John G. Colligan Retired 11-1-78
Patrolman Armand J. Pace Retired 5-1-78
Patrolman Edward A. Pappas Resigned 11-29-64
Patrolman Rudolph Hrasdzira Retired 1-1-76
Patrolman Frederick Miller Resigned 7-15-55
Patrolman Frank Bodi Retired 12-31-84
Patrolman Donald Cooper Resigned 11-19-63
Patrolman Frank M. Kuna Retired 11-30-80
Patrolman George Miller Retired 9-1-80
Sergeant Robert J. Kerrigan Retired 7-1-84
Patrolman Frank J. Kozar Retired 12-31-81
Captain Bertram W. Kerrigan Retired 5-1-89
Patrolman Robert M. Brindley Retired 9-1-86
Patrolman Herman Drenth Resigned 1974
Patrolman Philip Majorek Resigned 12-4-66
Patrolman Daniel Pagella Retired 9-30-68
Sergeant Jay F. Green Retired 11-6-89
Detective Lawrence Hotchkiss Retired 6-1-87
Patrolman Peter VanDerKrake Resigned 4-7-68
Chief Steven D. Cherry Retired 5-31-09
Patrolman Thomas Littlehales Resigned 12-29-71
Patrolman John D’Angelo Resigned 4-24-78
Patrolman Leonard Minichino Resigned 10-16-77
Patrolman Gerald Aponte Resigned 2-12-72
Patrolman Paul A. Bauer Died 8-25-75 (active)
Patrolman Alvin Stonehouse Retired 6-1-79
Patrolman Alvin Bzik Resigned 10-3-73
Captain William Kealy Retired 09-01-05
Lieutenant Ralph Molinaro Retired 01-01-04
Police Officer Michael Taylor Retired 01-01-05
Sergeant George Erlich Retired 12-31-08
Sergeant Paul Weber Retired 8-1-09
Patrolman Thomas Vanderbeck Resigned 8-31-84
Police Officer John D. Mastick Retired 08-01-03
Police Officer William P. VanDyk Jr. Retired 01-01-04
Sergeant Roy D. Finn Retired 1-23-98
Chief Frederick P. Stahman Retired 3-1-2016
Patrolman Thomas Gatto Resigned 12-22-82
Police Officer Arthur E. Faber Retired 12-01-06
Captain Garret Merselis Retired 1-2-2008
Sergeant Thomas McCrea Retired 7-1-05
Police Officer Michael Ciaramella Retired 11-1-2014
Captain Jonathan D. Miller Retired 3-1-2016
Chief Dean Ackermann ACTIVE
Patrolman Neil I. Tucker Resigned 4-15-88
Patrolman Daniel D. Brindley Retired 12-1-98
Lieutenant Daniel F. Dour Retired 11-1-2016
Patrolman Paul Cece Laid-off 12-31-94
Lieutenant Christopher McInerney ACTIVE
Police Officer Adam Pyatak ACTIVE
Detective Sergeant James Calaski ACTIVE
Sergeant Robert Wojtecki ACTIVE
Police Officer Michael O’Shea Resigned 7-24-05
Lieutenant Frank Riggio ACTIVE
Police Officer Annamarie Mattina ACTIVE
Sergeant J. Scott Mc Govern ACTIVE
Police Officer Frederick Jackson Resigned 11-26-05
Sergeant Bryan Scott ACTIVE
Police Officer Murray Yang ACTIVE
Sergeant Michael Trover ACTIVE
Police Officer James McGill ACTIVE
Police Officer Shane Broglia Resigned 1-17-09
Police Officer Robert Surdyka ACTIVE
Detective Lucas Doney ACTIVE
Sergeant Greg Carter ACTIVE
Police Officer John Tarantino ACTIVE
Police Officer William Holguin ACTIVE
Police Officer James Donnelly ACTIVE
Police Officer Samuel Evans ACTIVE
Police Officer Sarah Orsita ACTIVE
Police Officer Nicholas Onove ACTIVE
Police Officer Theodore Graziani ACTIVE
Special Officer Michael Friedman ACTIVE
Special Officer Angelica Aliano ACTIVE
Special Officer  William Pettit Resigned 07-03-2020
Special Officer Tony Yorke Resigned 07-29-2019
Special Officer James Harte ACTIVE