2023 Parking Permits

Parking Permit Instructions

Our new online parking permit system has just gone online as of 2/24/2020. Many of you have logged in and created an account but have not completed the request process. This letter is being disseminated to clarify the permit request procedure, which is as follows:

1) Go to the following website - https://glenrocknj.t2hosted.com/account/portal

2) Create an account using your email address

3) Log in immediately after creating your account and begin the process by clicking the "Request Permits" link to request a permit by entering in all your information and uploading the required documentation - drivers license, registration and insurance card.

4) Submit your request and then wait for an email from us letting you know if you are approved or denied to purchase a permit, based on the documentation that you provided

5) Once approved, you will log back in and click on the link to "Get Permits" where you will select your vehicle that we will have entered from the vehicle registration that you provided during your request and then pay for your permit with a credit card transaction


Should you have any questions, you can contact the Parking Enforcement at [email protected] or call (201) 670-3941 ext. 8555 and we will be happy to assist.

Parking Permit Pricing

CBD Merchants & Employee Parking Permits

Permits are available online only: https://glenrocknj.t2hosted.com/account/portal. The fee will be $50.00 per year, per vehicle. Employers, not employees, are required to apply for and manage all permits. All permits are virtual, based upon the employee's vehicle license plate number, replacing the physical parking permits used in the past.

When applying for an employee permit, proof of employment is required. All documentation should have personal identifiers redacted such as social security, birth date, salary information, etc. Do not upload any documentation without the proper redactions being made.

The cooperation of all business owners and employees is essential to ensure that the maximum level of on street parking is available for those who choose to shop local and support our Central Business District.

Resident Commuter Parking Permits

Permits are available online only: https://glenrocknj.t2hosted.com/account/portal. All permits are virtual, based upon your vehicle license plate number, replacing the physical parking permits used in the past.

When applying for a commuter permit you will need to provide drivers license, registration and insurance card.

Non-Resident or Occasional Commuter Parking

Daily non-resident or occasional commuter parking is available at the Main Line Train Station parking lot in designated parking spaces. The cost is $12.00 per day. Parking is available on a first come, first serve basis. Overnight parking is prohibited.


All non-resident parking fees are payable through Parkmobile only


Pay by Phone Parking Through Parkmobile:


This system will allow you to purchase daily parking, with a small convenience fee, by just a phone call or mobile app payment.  Register at www.parkmobile.com to get started. There are signs posted in the Main Line Station Lot with further direction. After you have registered with your payment preference at Parkmobile, daily users have to remember their spot number and zone.

Please take a few moments and visit www.parkmobile.com to become familiar with the system.

Just like a parking meter, payment is due at the time you park your vehicle. 


Door-to-door soliciting is not permitted without first obtaining a permit through the Police Department’s Detective Bureau. Solicitors must clearly display the permit while working in town.

If a person comes to your door and does not have their permit displayed or if you feel that the person is not legitimate, please call the Police Department.

To obtain a solicitor’s permit, all applicants must complete the proper documents that are only obtainable through the Police Department’s Detective Bureau and then meet and maintain the criteria as set forth by Borough Ordinance.

  • Hours of Operation: Solicitors may operate on Monday through Saturday only between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 9:00 p.m., except peddlers of food, who shall be permitted to operate from 9:00 a.m. until dusk seven days a week.  These hours are in compliance with Federal and State Court decisions which are beyond the control of the Borough. Residents are welcome to place a “No Solicitors Sign” at their front door.  The Borough cannot legally ban door-to-door solicitation.
  •  In compliance with Federal and State Law, the following are exempt from the Borough’s Solicitor Permit Requirement:

 A. Any person honorably discharged from the military service of the United States possessing a peddler's license issued in conformity with N.J.S.A. 45:24-10.

B. Any person who is an exempt fire fighter as defined by N.J.S.A. 45:24-9 and 45:24-10, possessing corresponding identification in conformity with said statute.

C.Any person holding a solicitation license or permit issued under any legislation of the United States government or by a state agency pursuant to statute.

D. Any person who conducts a sale pursuant to statute or court order.

E. Persons selling or soliciting in behalf of churches, charities, fraternal organizations, philanthropic organizations, nonprofit and municipal organizations.

F. Any person engaging in the advocacy of noncommercial or not-for-profit causes, whether or not in connection with a larger organization, or engaging in spontaneous speech, including, but not limited to, speech between neighbors.

G. Campaigning for any elected public office or public question, which is to be voted upon in the Borough of Glen Rock at a general, special, primary or school board election, or in a local, state or national election;

H. Any representative, including agents or other third parties, employed by a public utility recognized by the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities and doing business in the Borough of Glen Rock.

I. Persons selling or soliciting orders for the sale of milk, dairy products, vegetables, poultry, eggs and other farm and garden produce.


State of New Jersey – Firearms Requirements


Effective 2/18/2019


With exceptions of Permits to Carry, ALL applicants must apply for Firearms ID Cards and Permits to Purchase a Handgun online at https://njportal.com/NJSP/FARS  There are no exceptions.

Once logged into this website it will ask you for Glen Rock’s ORI Number.  This number is NJ0022200.  It must be entered exactly or your application will not be able to be processed correctly.


  1. Complete each tab on the website with accurate and complete information. For example, applicants must enter their legal name (i.e. Michael vs. Mike).
  2. Applicants must enter accurate phone numbers and emails for themselves and their references. Family members can be used as references.
  3. After all tabs have been completed a review page will appear where the applicant can change or edit the application before final submission. Once submitted the application is unable to be altered.  When completed the applicant must print out the application, fingerprint form, and confirmation page.  The Glen Rock Police Department will not provide you with these forms.
  4. Once you have finished the online application, payment must be hand delivered by the applicant with photo identification, to the Glen Rock Police Department via the Records Bureau. Payment shall be in the form of check made issued to “Borough of Glen Rock”.  Please, no cash.  The Records Bureau is open Mon,Wed,Thu, and Fri from 8:30am-4:30pm and Tues from 8:30-6:30pm.  We will not issue permits prior to payment.
  5. Please contact Detective Lucas Doney at 201-670-3947 with any questions.

To Obtain a Duplicate Firearms Identification Card:

(for lost or stolen cards, or changes of address) Free of charge

Fingerprinting will not be necessary if you have applied in the past through our agency (i.e. previous Glen Rock address or if your file has been forwarded to us from the police department where you formerly lived). However, if we do not have any file, fingerprinting again will be necessary, and #3 and #4 above will apply.

If you have any questions regarding firearm regulations, please click here.

Links to the following forms have been provided for your convenience; however, all applications must be submitted to the Records Bureau in person. All applicants must provide a New Jersey Drivers License or other photo identification when filing applications.