Detective Bureau

A full time Detective Sergeant and a full time Detective staff the Detective Bureau. They investigate crimes that have been reported to the Police, which did not result in an immediate arrest, follow up on all cases that are to be prosecuted and continue investigations prior to presenting cases to the Bergen County Prosecutor’s Office. Each year numerous offenders are arrested and prosecuted as a result of these investigations.

The Detectives operate in cooperation with other Local, State, and Federal Law Enforcement Agencies, as well as the Bergen County Prosecutor’s Office, Narcotics Task Force, and Sheriff’s Departments to investigate a wide variety of criminal offenses committed in Glen Rock or crimes committed in other jurisdictions by persons who live, work or travel through Glen Rock. This cooperation also allows for a vast network of regional Law Enforcement services and investigative specialties to be available to this community as needed.

Other services provided by the Detective Bureau include criminal record checks, insurance inquiries, DMV records checks, investigation of applicants for liquor licenses, solicitors’ permits and autocab permits. Assistance is offered to the Municipal Court in gathering information necessary to prepare certain complaints signed by private citizens, and reviewing of “discovery” issued to private attorneys and insurance companies.

Detectives also assist with individuals committed to the Bergen County Jail, Bergen Regional Medical Center or other psychiatric facilities, Juvenile Shelters or other facilities. These commitments require necessary paper work to be completed and judicial or medical approvals to be obtained.

Each month Detectives attend meetings throughout the County to share regional enforcement and intelligence information with other law enforcement agencies. Detectives appear to give testimony in many cases presented to the Grand Jury, Superior Court of New Jersey and Municipal Courts.

Full cooperation exists between the Detective Bureau and the Patrol Division, in conducting the necessary police functions and investigations for the Department.


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2010 Update

Non-criminal fingerprinting services for private citizens including applicants for certain types of public and private employment, applicants for various permits, and potential adoptive or foster parents have been outsourced to a private State contractor.  Under most circumstances local police agencies will no longer offer this service.  If you need to be fingerprinted please see our section  frequently asked questions  for more information.