EMERGENCY: 9-1-1 || Police: 201.652.3800 || Records Bureau: 201.670.3941 1 Harding Plaza, Glen Rock, NJ 07452

Telephone, Voicemail , U.S. Mail and E-Mail Information

Telephone, Voicemail , U.S. Mail and E-Mail Information

Non-Emergency: (201) 652-3800

The Glen Rock Police Department utilizes Northwest Bergen Central Dispatch, a regionalized state-of-the-art public safety communication center, for all Police, Fire and EMS dispatching.

Non-emergency calls are routed through a voice-assisted menu system.
To assist you in contacting us, a list of menu selections appears below.

Glen Rock Police Voice Mail Menu Options:

Press the number shown below to select that phone option

  1. Emergency Only -connection to 911 operator
  2. Dispatcher regarding NON-EMERGENCY police services
  3. Overnight Parking
  4. Records Bureau, Chief of Police, Captain of Police, Detective Bureau, and other police personnel.

Municipal Court and Violations Bureau, Call (201) 670-3950

Parking/Traffic Tickets

nj_courts_logoAll parking and traffic tickets are handled through the New Jersey Municipal Courts. Click the logo left or button below to pay your ticket through the NJMC Web site.

To pay online, please have your ticket, license plate number and Visa or MasterCard ready.

Pay your ticket

Click here for contact information



Borough Information (201) 670-3956



Department of Public Works – DPW: (201) 670-3979
Sanitation: (201) 670-3980
Recycling: (201) 670-3990
After Hours Emergency: Central Dispatch (201) 652-3800
Please! DO NOT call 9-1-1 for DPW Emergencies


Police Department Mailing Address

Glen Rock Police Department

Glen Rock Police Department
1 Harding Plaza
Glen Rock , New Jersey 07452

Police Department Fax: (201) 251-3887

Police Headquarters is NOT ordinarily staffed when the Record Bureau is closed.

FAX documents may not be distributed until next business day.


Records Bureau 
[email protected]

Police E-Mail Links

Officer in Charge of Police Department: Chief Dean Ackermann

Executive Officer: Sgt. Christopher McInerney

Specialized Divisions


Traffic Bureau
P.O. Scott McGovern


Detective Bureau
Detective James Calaski

Detective Michael Trover


Juvenile Officer
P.O. James Mcgill


Alarm Registration Coordinator

Sgt. Frank Riggio


Domestic Violence Coordinators

Sgt. Frank Riggio
P.O. Lucas Doney


Records Supervisor
Sgt. Dean Ackermann


Information Technology
P.O. Bryan Scott


Terminal Agency Coordinator (CJIS/ TAC)
Detective Michael Trover


Patrol Division E-mail and Voicemail  (We are in the process of updating this section, and apologize for any errors.)

Officers in charge of Police Department

Chief Dean Ackermann [email protected] (201) 670-3941 8115
Sgt. Christopher McInerney [email protected] (201) 670-3941 8121

Platoon 1

Sgt. Robert Wojtecki [email protected] (201) 670-3941 8124

A Squad

Officer E-mail Voice Mail Ext.
Sgt. Robert Wojtecki [email protected] (201) 670-3941 8124
P.O. Adam Pyatak [email protected] (201) 670-3941 8122
P.O. Annamarie Mattina [email protected] (201) 670-3941 8129
P.O. Bryan Scott [email protected] (201) 670-3941 8132

C Squad

P.O. Murray Yang [email protected] (201) 670-3941 8133
P.O. James McGill [email protected] (201) 670-3941 8135
P.O. John Tarantino [email protected] (201) 670-3941 8140


Platoon 2

Sgt. Frank Riggio [email protected] (201) 670-3941 8127

B Squad

P.O. Robert Surdyka [email protected] (201) 670-3941 8137
P.O. Greg Carter [email protected] (201) 670-3941 8139
P.O. James Donnelly [email protected] (201) 670-3941 8142

D Squad

Sgt. Christopher McInerney [email protected] (201) 670-3941 8121
P.O. Scott Mc Govern [email protected] (201) 670-3941 8130
P.O. Lucas Doney [email protected] (201) 670-3941 8138
P.O. William Holguin [email protected] (201) 670-3941 8141

Parking Enforcement

P.E.O. Daniel Carter [email protected] (201) 670-3942 8126


Messages for Parking Enforcement by be left with Records Bureau Personnel

PRIVACY NOTICE: Email is not a secure medium. Personal information sent via the Internet can be intercepted and the Glen Rock Police Department cannot guarantee the privacy of information you transmit over the Internet or that may be collected by others in transit, or any security measures that we may use in protecting such information that we receive. Moreover, the Glen Rock Police Department cannot guarantee the privacy of personal information if you visit any third-party websites, including those which may be hyperlinked from the Glen Rock Police Department website.

You may, therefore, wish to reconsider the advisability of sending messages that contain sensitive, personal information to this Internet address. Please be advised that while it is the Glen Rock Police Department’s policy to not disclose any information collected or discovered voluntarily, the Glen Rock Police Department may be required to provide certain information pursuant to a request under the New Jersey Open Public Records Act; the State’s right to know Laws; any common law right to know Laws; other State and/or Federal Laws or pursuant to a Court Order.